Who do you think will do that?

I guess all I need is a little rest.

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Don't try what you're about to see at home.

That song's bound to be a hit.

I almost died with embarrassment when I fell over in the street.

Are you cooking tonight?

He was very unfair.

He got on a train bound for Kanazawa.

I've got them with me.


I won't go, unless the rain stops.

Between 1924 and 1934, Bialik served as the head of the Hebrew Language Committee.

Let me show you a picture of the Statue of Liberty.

This is between us.

I told Revised he should go.

My name is Jacques and I'm an alcoholic.

Liber reached for his glasses.

It's work.

I don't have any money with me.


There is, perhaps, not one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as vanity.

I'll try to speak to them after they're gone.

My hand is so numb with cold that I can't move my fingers.

Patrick's compost heap got so hot that it spontaneously combusted.

I'm a little tired today.

It'll be safer here.

The heat is stifling to me.


Stephanie went to the swimming pool.

"Why did you try to escape from me? I brought you into this world and I could just as easily take you out of it." "You can't tell me what to do. I am my own freaking boss, I play by my own freaking rules. I take instructions from nobody, not even the enclosed instruction book."

Did any evidence even suggest that Major could have been the person who killed Amedeo?

I think I'd rather be fishing.

The atmosphere can become rather strained.

Andy can only speak in broken French.

The story shows us an interesting fact.

That's part of my job.

Do you think my cat and your pet rat will get along well together?

We need to talk about what happened.

I am studying Japanese.

Ravindran fell and broke his arm.

The Smiths moved to Ohio.


Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.


How is it possible that you don't have time?

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The server is lagging again.

Just watch me.

She naturally accepted the invitation.

Somehow I doubt it.

I'll attend.


Liza has seen them.

Don't give them to him.

Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

You weren't fair.

The gravity of a black hole is so powerful that not even light can escape its pull!


I'm tired of listening to him.

This weekend Dominic and Sally plan to go on a double date with John and Alice.

Takao has started dating Lois.


There were many people at the funeral.

Even though Cristina is sick, he's swimming.

Your sentences were like a green meadow in winter.

No one arrived.

He is quick to take offence.

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The prisoner was set at liberty yesterday.

I can't find my glasses anywhere.

The exam results were not what she expected.

Is Lois talking to you yet?

Vinod hasn't heard from Kyung since last June.

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Don't eat while reading.

Your tea will get cold if you don't drink it now.

Ask him.


I was happy then.

Everything that was asked for has now been sent.

Well, Barton, where have you been?

We've got a serious problem here.

Even though he had served his time in prison, the murderer was never quite condoned by the public for his crime.

It is a fact often observed, that men have written good verses under the inspiration of passion, who cannot write well under other circumstances.

He thought someone had put poison in his soup.

His observation is sharp, but he says very little.

Am I pretty?

Industrialization often goes hand in hand with pollution.

They'll know what to do.


I've been to Kyoto twice.

I went to the hospital to have my eyes tested.

Have you ever stuck a poster on a wall?

Lisa, this is Mr. Murata. He's my boss.

Stamps are not sold in this store.

What did you wear?

His opinion is quite different from ours.


That's not too bad.


I have the whole day free.

Let's stop by the post office.

What was Giovanni really talking about?

You'll never regret this.

The hospital took him in yesterday.

I asked him to do that.

I've seen him before.


Are we going to register for that class?

This part of the city is strange to me.

My sons are soldiers.

Farmers work hard in the winter, too.

She was up to her eyes grading the papers.

I'm well enough.

It was a terrible confusion; Sue slipped later in the water. They're all mad at you.


We detest him.

Sigurd agreed to help.

We cannot respect such a great man too much.

Look at the sky.

May I ask who's speaking?


Ireland is a very beautiful country.

I'm looking forward to doing business with you.

They say the gods smite evil with thunderbolts.

Where am I going?

They were scattered in all directions.

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They worked around the clock.


Let's make it three.

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English is difficult to learn.

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A million people lost their live during the war.


You won't like it here.

Be careful handling matches!

Alexander is fond of hunting.

Call up Elric right away.

Tovah's injury didn't appear serious.

This morning the weather is cloudy.

Once any matter falls into a black hole, it disappears from the visible universe.

Yesterday was cloudy.

I hugged him tightly and cried.

My father told me to rest well.

Can you see the squirrels?


Mother is never impatient with us.

Marnix will get himself killed if he's not more careful.

Melanie thinks that the situation is very bad.

Poets like Milton are rare.

Samir couldn't restrain his anger.


I tend to agree with her.

I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.

How about some milk and cookies?


She is the woman to whom I gave the gift.

I have a lot of things to do this afternoon.

You might just be right.

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Thierry hugged Barton.

The sweets I ate were delicious!

They'll accept the gifts.

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The guards are going to shoot Shawn.

Jun doesn't need to worry about Rich.

It's quite a ways from here.

Can we talk outside a little?

Sometimes her free manner seems rude.

Metin may not be feeling well.

I sent her a doll.

Fortunately, Judge is still alive.

Have fun, but don't get lost.

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I wonder who killed her.


Martin offered to help the old lady cross the street.

Everything was as exactly as I had thought it would be.

When do lessons start at your school?

Have you already paid for everything?

Tell him to call me tomorrow at noon.

Yvonne didn't say what else he had to do.

The rain prevented us from playing baseball.

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Ricky is quite a talker.


We look forward to your entries.

Can I help with anything?

I have lived a life of a puppet of fortune.

It's no use playing tough.

I fed him soup for a week while he was sick.

Is this computer connected to the Internet?

This is an old book.

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It was Panos that told me this story.

This is kind of boring.

At these events they sell few products.